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Objectives of the EcoMobility World Festival

The month-long Festival will raise awareness among citizens and daily commuters regarding the benefits of ecomobility and sustainable transport and urban planning options, encouraging the use of bicycles, public transport and sustainable vehicles, as well as a different approach to public spaces.


Why partner?

Partnerships contribute to the success of the EcoMobility Festival and there are several advantages:

  • Share your experience  with a wide range of stakeholders
  • Global exposure of commitment to ensuring ecomobility
  • Engage with experts and other partners to achieve the festival goals
“Ecomobility is a global cause. Let’s break the boundaries, let’s get out of Johannesburg, join this global cause and get united for ecomobility!”

Amanda Ngabirano Aziidah, Urban and Regional Planner, Lecturer at Makere University Kampala, Uganda

Become a partner